22 march: World Water Day & World Mime Day

Today, 22 March, is World Water Day. Today, when we wash our hands, take a look in the mirror and feel thankful for having water.
Today, is also World Mime Day. Today, when we put on gloves, take a look in the mirror and, just for a moment, feel like a mime actor.
22 March, a day to look in the mirror and smile.


The World Mime Organization has contacted those of us dedicated to this art, suggesting that, in one way or another, we play our part by sharing smiles with our worldwide neighborhood in these complex times.

My contribution to this wonderful proposal is by publishing the full version of one of my pieces that is already on YouTube: The Little Ball

The truth is, we all need smiles and hope these days.

A big hug,

Carlos Martínez

New book: The Poet of Silence.

In his new book, published initially only in German, Carlos Martínez puts into words 26 short stories. Anecdotes based on the stage, the dressing room and the audience, are combined with some of his memories as son, father or husband. With tenderness and wit he describes his enthusiasm for creativity and the Creator. He approaches the Bible not as a theologian but as an artist asking questions that shed new light on the sacred texts.
His stage experience has convinced him that the art of mime is an experience of faith. There is nothing on stage and yet the audience sees it, feels it, believes it. Biblical faith is similar since it defines itself as the conviction of what is not seen. This book is an invitation to look at life from another perspective, to take nothing for granted, but to question everything with respect and humor.
The book is available in any book store in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 128 pages. With color photos. Foreword by Jürgen Werth. ISBN-13: 9783765507373 Published by Brunnen Verlag, Germany.

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