“An Evening with Carlos Martínez” is a space of surprise encounters. A place where a rigorous selection of pieces from all of the actor’s shows have the opportunity to be on stage together for the first time. On this evening, piec- es that usually travel in different suitcases will be allowed to change their travel companions to create new stories and conversations on stage. To- gether they will create an evening where a new audience members or faith-ful fans can meet and revel in the joy of a world where the seemly absurd is transformed into reality.

Each of the actor’s six feature-length programs, Books without Words, Hand Made, Human Rights, My Bible, Time to Celebrate, even his most recent show Mirage, sent their best representatives to the casting for this show with high expectations of being included in the final cut. After much deliberation, Carlos Martínez is now happy to introduce his very personal selection in public for the first time.

Storyteller, poet and actor, Carlos Martínez shares his intimate relationship with silence on a very open stage. He invites each spectator into this visual space that reveals secrets, contradictions, shadows, and transcendence mingled with sheer fun, outbursts of laughter and above all exuberant hope.


“Martínez is one of those who is able to achieve unity. He performs his art of reduction with a consistency like no other.” Urs Bühler, NZZ (CH)

“The mime actor from Spain, with his wordless eloquence, was easily able to offer a big screen experience. His audience hears with the eyes and with the soul. It goes much deeper, because emotions, longings and thoughts become visible. A dazzling experience. Screamingly funny. So beautiful you could cry.” Claudia Burst, Geislinger Zeitung (DE)


1. The Dressing Room
2. Imaginations
3. Dinner for two
4. The Wedding
5. The Lullaby
6. Everybody has the right to work
7. Hungry
8. The Telephone Museum
9. The Orchestra
10. The Rose
11. The Butterfly
12. Der Glaskasten
13. The Glass Box


14. The Barber
15. Experimenting
16. The Mirror
17. A good Day
18. The Stone
19. The Box of Chocolates
20. Olympic Games

Carlos Martínez reserves the right to make changes in his program.


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