The Spanish master of mime and gesture transfers his stories from the stage to the mind of the spectator. With an irresistible power of persuasion he walks a tightrope of emotion. Spell-bound by the movements of one man alone under the spotlight, the audience is transported to a dimension where what appears to be a harmless game crosses over the limitations of the human condition, and inexplicably, the everyday takes on a magical aura of timelessness … of immortality.

From beginning to end of this surprising rapture, the mime moves on stage with his invincible sense of humour: the laughter of the audience is the only transgression that is allowed in this world of silence.

All those who have laughed until they cried during a show with Carlos Martínez fully understand this healing effect on the soul.

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Without Words

On his first trip to the library, the mime discovers an infinite volume of books. As he respectfully pokes around between the book covers ...

Time to Celebrate

A journey in time and the ephemeral condition of life: accompanying an elderly timekeeper while he reminisces on his existence.


Shani Diluka and Carlos Martínez combine music and silence to transmit an anthology of emotions on stage.


The Vitamimo program marks a milestone in the life of the actor, celebrating 40 years on stage as a professional mime.

My Bible

A front row seat: looking over God's shoulder to experience the loading process of an entire safari into Noah's Ark.

Hand Made

Everyday scenes carved by hand. Carlos Martínez performs classic pieces such as "The Pocket Watch".

Human Rights

Not everyone has the same opportunities or the same rights. This program gives them a voice.


A man lost in the desert. Without water, under the blazing sun. A passionate adventure begins.

An Evening with
Carlos Martínez

An evening with Carlos Martínez prepares the way for the most surprising encounters.


Crafted specifically for each event, MimoLogos is an engaging program of words intermingled with silence where Carlos Martínez performs without makeup.