Human Rights – A Universal Language for a Universal Theme

The Declaration of Human Rights is the most universal of themes because it touches everyone. Community involvement is therefore a priority since Human Rights are intrinsic to life itself – the past, the present and the future.

It’s not enough to simply memorise the articles. Different disciplines in the arts such as painting, theatre, comics, advertising, poetry and music, are embracing imaginative education in order to provoke reflection and action on Human Rights.

As a mime I wanted to take part in this on-going effort by embarking on the challenge of converting texts into movements and gestures; substituting words for muscles, tendons and joints; joining ideas with emotion. And finally, gently seasoning it all with irony and humour.

The fourteen pieces in the program are engaging but also thought provoking. Some scenes are easy to assimilate, others are more layered, however each of them is a silent voice that joins many solidary voices in continuing to denounce the violation of human rights around the world.


“You are the best, simply the best. My wife and myself have never seen such a powerful mime in educating on human rights. It is a proof of how one man without words can represent the faces and voices of millions. God bless you.” – Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Prize 2014; Chairperson, Global March Against Child Labour; President, Global Campaign for Education (GCE).


1. Welcome to the World
2. Behind Bars
3. Game of Masks
4. Alone
5. Passport in Hand
6. Red-handed
7. Trade Fairs
8. Complicity
9. Election Day
10. Supply and Demand
11. Human Wish
12. Graduation
13. Experimenting
14. Without Taking Sides

Carlos Martínez reserves the right to make changes in his program.


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Videoclips Human Rights

The Trailer

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Election Day

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The Shower

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The Shower (with Audiocommentary)

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Human Rights

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The Interview

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Word of Mime (with subtitles)

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