“Shani Diluka is a revelation.” (Le Figaro)
“Poetry of silence” (NZZ regarding Carlos Martínez)

Piano and Mime Merge into a Single Art Form

As a duo the accomplished pianist Shani Diluka and the master mime actor Carlos Martínez create “stories without words” on stage. The two artists “seduce” the audience and draw them into a poetic fantasy world where, for a short period of time, words are quickly forgotten and objects and emotions only exist in the mind. With courageous elegance the pianist and the mime actor enter into a dialogue between two classical art forms that merge into a harmonious ensemble. Poetic images beckon and seemingly effortlessly place the audience under their spell.

The first joint appearance of the pianist and the mime actor took place in 2013 at the Künstlerhaus, Boswil (CH), in response to an invitation by the festival “Boswiler Summer”. Immediately both artists became intrigued by the idea of combining classical music with the classical art of mime. In the delicate interplay on stage between piano and mime, the artists discovered the potential of new forms of expression, which were only possible in a collaborative venture. And so “Klassisch!” was born.

Shani Diluka and Carlos Martínez mesmerize the audience with a narrative rich in music, gesture, facial expression and nuance; a magical realm of fantasy… of musical stories where words and texts cease to exist. A mysterious and playful space that releases the imagination to explore new paths and to give spirit to fresh images.

The artists provoke and challenge each other mutually. Klassisch! is not a piano recital nor a mime performance, but the experience and expertise of two performing arts professionals, creating a profound dialogue between themselves, their two distinct art forms and the audience.

Shani Diluka

The reviews are unanimous in their praise of this “exceptional pianist”. Shani Diluka is described with terms such as “revelatory”, “depth of sound” and “soaring virtuosity”. (Diapason, Classica, Le Figaro). Born in Monaco of Sri-Lankan parents, Shani Diluka is equally at ease in her two cultures, eastern and western. However, these days the international stage is her home. She performs her ample repertoire mindful of the tradition of the great thinkers of music, from Artur Schnabel to Wilhelm Kempff, to whom critics regularly refer to when discussing her music. Shani Diluka is a welcome guest in major concert halls all around the world as well as at numerous classical music festivals.


– The Dressingroom / Fréderic Chopin – Nocturne op. 9, Nr. 1

– The Mask / Edvard Grieg – Notturno, Op. 54, Nr 4

– The Painter / Claude Debussy – Claire de Lune

– The Pocket Watch / Frédéric Chopin – Valse Op. 34, Nr 2

– The craftsman / Edvard Grieg – March of the Trolls, Op. 54, Nr 3

– What a wonderful Morning / Joh. Seb. Bach – Solfeggietto

and several more solo pieces of both artists

Shani Diluka & Carlos Martínez reserve the right to make changes in their program.


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