DVD Still My Bible – 2016
The Fragility of Being Human

Carlos Martínez remains faithful to his art of classical mime while seamlessly weaving together traditional Bible stories with everyday happenings. He gently exposes human nature with all its grandeur and its flaws. He skilfully engages the imagination of the audience with humour, poetry and the unforeseen.

Laureate of the Stiftung Bibel und Kultur for fostering biblical content in the cultural and intellectual life of society.

– Show: 68 Minutes + Extras: 41minutes
– Menu in 5 languages (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT)
– Extras in Spanish with subtitles in above languages
– Interview with Carlos Martínez
– Comments and questions about each piece
– Voices without Borders, Guest Video-Selfies
– Piece Options:
a) The Call – Alternative version
b) The Book of Books – Titles of each story
c) It’s a Good Day – Alternative ending
– Photo Gallery
– 12-Page Booklet

DVD Books without Words – 2012
The Adventure of Being Human

In this live recording at the Regina Vogue Theatre in Curitiba, Brazil, the imaginative scripts and letters of the books in a library change into movements and action: Sherlock Holmes, James Bond or maybe even William Tell. Carlos Martínez presents a mesh of narrative yarns that intertwine his own with well-known stories. The driving force of the show is the joy of discovering and experimenting.

“In Books with Words, no one is illiterate.”

– Show: 55 minutes + Extras: 50 minutes
– Menu in seven Languages (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, PT, BR)
– Commentary about each piece by Carlos Martínez
– Excerpts of his book, From the Dressing Room, read by Carlos Martínez
– Interview with Carlos Martínez
– Photo Gallery
– Making of: Made in Brazil
– Bonus Show … without Words
– 12-page Booklet

DVD Hand Made – 2007
The Joy of Being Human

For over 30 years Carlos Martínez has refined his craft in order to communicate freely around the world. With his exquisite technique, he creates characters full of humanity in an atmosphere of subtlety and wonder. HAND MADE is his genuine mark of identity. Recorded live at the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart, Germany, the show contains the actor’s most emblematic pieces. They are his loyal travel companions and imaginative translators that take over on stage and “speak” for him.

HAND MADE received the prize of honour, voted by the audience as the best show, of the XXI Almada Theatre Festival, Portugal.

– Show: 62 minutes + Extras: 24 minutes
– Commentary by Carlos Martínez about each piece
– Introduction to mime
– Mime Exercise: The Shower
– Bonus Track: Alone in the Kitchen
– Photos
– 12-page booklet

DVD Human Rights – 2005
The Right to be Human

With his universal language, Carlos Martínez brings a universal theme to life! In keeping with the very personal style of Carlos Martínez, HUMAN RIGHTS is a reflection, which is profound but at that same time provokes a smile. The experience of being human, with all its shortcomings, is transported to the stage, under the direction of Mercè Saumell and recorded live at the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart.

Compelling Theme – presented with sensitivity, respect and humour
Engaging Performance – suitable for homes, schools, churches, civic events

– Show: 56 minutes + Extras: 14 minutes
– Audio Commentary by Carlos Martínez
– Human Rights Articles in 4 Languages with subtitles in 4 Languages (EN, FR, DE, ES)
– Photo Gallery
– 12-Page Booklet in English and German

DVD Box Set – 2015
The First Thirty Years

The four DVDs of Carlos Martínez (Books without Words, Hand Made, Human Rights, Still My Bible) in a Collector’s Box at an exceptional price. The box is an elegant addition to any DVD shelf and the four DVDs represent the first thirty years of the work of the mime actor Carlos Martinez.

BOOK: From the Dressing Room – 2011

After more than twenty-five years on stage, Carlos Martínez has decided to break his silence and gently transform his world of gestures into letters and words in FROM THE DRESSING ROOM.

The book is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

– Hard cover
– 128 pages with many colour photos
– Foreword by Adrian Plass

Sample pages can be found here: FTDR Online Sample Pages

BOOK Der Poet der Stille – 2020

In his new book, published so far only in German, Carlos Martinez tells 26 short stories with words. Anecdotes based on the stage, the dressing room and the audience are mixed with some of his memories as son, father or husband.

With tenderness and wit he describes his enthusiasm for creativity and the Creator. He approaches the Bible, but not as a theologian but as an artist asking questions that shed new light on the sacred texts.

This book is an invitation to look at life from another perspective, to take nothing for granted, but to question everything with respect and humor.

It can be purchased in any bookstore in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


– 128 pages.
– With colour photos.
– Foreword by Jürgen Werth.

Sample pages (in German) can be found here: Brunnen Verlag – Der Poet der Stille

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