My Bible

“And the Word became flesh …” (John 1:14)

From the outset of his professional career, Carlos Martínez has developed mime pieces based on biblical characters and texts: First Psalm 23, then Creation, and later Noah’s Ark, The Wise Men, The Lord’s Supper.

Digging around in the Scriptures, the actor discovered characters and stories that continue to be as socially relevant today as when they were first revealed. As we recognize each character, we see ourselves mirrored in them and understand how the universal wisdom of the past is in no way outdated.

In October 2002, Carlos Martínez was the laureate of the Stiftung Bibel und Kultur prize for his contribution to visually embodying biblical content in the world of culture. Many outstanding personalities are included on the roster of the German Foundation’s prizewinners, among others, the Swiss writer Thomas Hürlimann (1992), the Polish film director Krzysztof Kieslowski (1994), the American choreographer John Neumeier (1995), the German singer Peter Schreier (1998) and, more recently, the Syrian-German author Rafik Shami (2015).

Shortly after being awarded the prize of the Bible and Culture Foundation, the mime was contacted by the Lutheran Church of Hanover and invited to record five of these pieces in video as a companion to a book to be published for the 2003 Year of the Bible.

This project was the impetus for Carlos Martínez to convert the initial brushstrokes of his biblical collection into a full-length program where the art of mime makes visible the invisible; the word is transformed into gesture, movement and action… and becomes flesh! The program was named “My Bible” because it reflects the artist’s personal vision of the Book of Books.

My Bible has been performed on stages from Asia to the Middle East, and from Europe and Africa to the Americas. The eternal stories of the Bible never cease to surprise, delight and deeply touch audiences in the most unexpected places and ways.


1. The Call
2. The Book of Books
3. Creation
4. Noah’s Ark
5. Abraham and Isaac
6. The Glass Box
7. The Shepherd’s Psalm


8. Love
9. The Gift
10. The Wise Men
11. It’s a Good Day
12. The Last Supper
13. Our Father

Carlos Martínez reserves the right to make changes in his program.


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