As the houselights of the theatre dim, an independent professional decides to embark on a journey. It is not long before the adventure turns perilous and he finds himself lost in the desert. His canteen is almost empty. His cell phone battery is running low and anyway there’s no coverage. As his growing thirst and tedium lead to delirium, he begins to see illusive images of water: one mirage after another. The water he has taken for granted, appears to him in the desert as the miracle of turning on the tap, the sound of waves at a beach, a well, a public toilet … Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. How will he survive?

Without props, wardrobe changes or voice, alone on an empty stage with his white-masked face, the mime faces a desert of his own. With only movements to evoke stories in the imagination of an audience, all mime is mirage, creating life from gesture, life which arises from the pure physicality of dramatic (and comic) events.

Carlos Martinez offers us yet another chance to discover the reflection of our humanity in Mirage!

As a way of celebrating his 30th stage anniversary, Carlos Martínez is offering his audience this very personal contribution to the many actions taking place during the Water for Life Decade. Mirage opened in Switzerland at the Kulturhalle Glärnisch, Wädenswil on 14th January 2012 and in Germany at the Kabarett der Galgenstricke, Esslingen on 2nd February 2012.

Download the Hand Program of the Show: Hand Program Mirage


Inspired by the discussion around climate change and water shortage, which has always been an issue in the actor’s home country of Spain, the show makes reference to our most precious and most natural resource: water. By way of a “road” story, portrayed with measured movements, simple gestures and facial expression, the mime revels in our human inconsistencies and contradictions. And, as always, he leaves both the interpretation of the images he paints in the spectators’ minds and the conclusions they reach, up to the imagination of each person.

All time audience favourites of the past 30 years.

Carlos Martínez reserves the right to make changes in his program.


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