One million views!!!
And one million thanks to all of you who are watching my YouTube channel.
Thanks so much for your interest and appreciation!
Enjoy the videos that are coming and keep enjoying the ones that are published!
Yours, Carlos Martínez

22 march: World Water Day & World Mime Day

Today, 22 March, is World Water Day. Today, when we wash our hands, take a look in the mirror and feel thankful for having water.
Today, is also World Mime Day. Today, when we put on gloves, take a look in the mirror and, just for a moment, feel like a mime actor.
22 March, a day to look in the mirror and smile.


The World Mime Organization has contacted those of us dedicated to this art, suggesting that, in one way or another, we play our part by sharing smiles with our worldwide neighborhood in these complex times.

My contribution to this wonderful proposal is by publishing the full version of one of my pieces that is already on YouTube: The Little Ball

The truth is, we all need smiles and hope these days.

A big hug,

Carlos Martínez

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