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The update for the website is ready just in time for the start of the autumn tour.

The category SHOWS has been supplemented with the current anniversary program VITAMIMO and the program KLASSISCH!, in which Carlos Martínez shares the stage with the extraordinary pianist Shani Diluka.

The design for the two shows is also new. And like for all the other shows, it was developed by the JoussenKarliczek agency in Schorndorf, Germany.

Master in Non-Verbal Communication at the University of Alicante

In 2021, during the compulsory confinement due to the pandemic, Carlos Martínez completed a Master in Non-Verbal Communication at the University of Alicante, with the purpose of studying the scientific approach to his art. He finished this course with a thesis applying the scientific side of nonverbal communication to the world of theatre. 

In the first photo you can see Carlos Martínez with his diploma at the headquarters of Fundeun (Universidad of Alicante Enterprise Foundation) with the director Rafael Lafont. The second photo was taken in the University classroom where Professor Javier Torregrosa teaches the Master. 

2022 - A year to celebrate with "Vitamimo"

The new Vitamimo program marks a milestone in the life of the actor, celebrating 40 years on stage as a professional mime. In the first part Carlos Martínez presents three stories from his shows «Books without Words», «Mirage» and «Time to Celebrate». In the second half of the program Carlos Martínez removes his white mask and speaks! He will entertain us with the same sense of humor and humanity, timing and surprise he brings to his mime.  And for the first time, the audience uses their mobile phones to vote for the pieces to be performed in the second part of the program, making every evening unique. The show premieres on the 05th and 06th of march in the Seelichttheater Wädenswil

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