"Books without Words" Design

Today’s design is connected to "Books without Words". The topic of this show is a personal contribution to the UN’s decision to declare 2003 – 2012 The Literacy Decade. From then onward, the art of mime continues to explore the vast library of books … without words.

"Mirage" Design

This week's design belongs to “Mirage". The show focuses on raising awareness about the increasing scarcity of our most precious natural commodity, water. Silence is like water, there is less and less. Perhaps this is why the celebration of World Water Day (March 22) coincides with World Mime Day.

New trailer

The website is not the only breaking news. Now you will also find a new general Show Trailer on the Carlos Martínez YouTube channel. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/KSFnKPS3Ol8

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