New website

We are excited to announce that the new Carlos Martínez website has been uploaded. It was time to renovate the technology and the design. We trust you will enjoy the features and versatility of this new version. The link remains the same:  We would love to hear your opinion!

"Hand Made" Design

The third design is related to the introductory show titled "Hand Made“. The program contains a selection of the first pieces of Carlos Martínez. The actor takes us to his origins as an artisan, crafting each piece of mime by hand.

Design dedicated to "My Bible"

This second design is dedicated to the show titled "My Bible“. It was performed for the first time in 2003 on the occasion of the Year of the Bible. Although new pieces based on the Bible have been added to the program, "Creation" and “Psalm 23" are still part of the repertoire.

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