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Carlos Martínez was born the 30th September, 1955 in Pravia (Asturias), Spain. At the age of 12, he moved to Barcelona and soon discovered his love for the dramatic arts while working in neighbourhood theatre. He attended the pantomime school Taller de Mimo y Teatro Contemporáneo (1980), the performing arts school – El Timbal (1981) and studied under professors such as Manuel Carlos Lillo and Jorge Vera (1982 – 1987).From 1982 onwards, Carlos Martínez has worked professionally as a mime actor creating a world of gestures that combines his Mediterranean spirit and humour with precise technique and rhythm. This very personal language has proved to be universal and has given him the freedom to perform not only throughout Spain but in the rest of Europe – Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden and the Ukraine – Africa, Asia, North America and South America.

Maintaining a rigorous performing schedule, Carlos Martínez has taken his imaginative silence to Arts Festivals (St Wenceslas in Prague, Nuorten Kesä in Finland), Churches, Conferences (Amsterdam 2000, Mission in Holland), Conventions (Rotary Club in the USA), Embassies, Performing Arts Festivals (Mime Champagne and Mim D’Or in France, Almada Theatre Festival and TeatroAgosto in Portugal, Mindelact Drama Festival in Cape Verde), Television (BBC, TVE, TV3, ZDF), Theatres (Byzantine Music Theatre in Thessaloniki, Deutsches Theater in Berlin, Kuppersaal and Kunstlerhaus in Hannover, National Theatre in Riga, Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, Theaterhaus in Stuttgart, ) and Trade Shows (Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany; Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain; Rockwell in Madrid).He is constantly moving the boundaries of silence, working on new pieces for his own shows and commissioned work for special events. Hand Made, a compilation of his most emblematic pieces, has become a genuine mark of identity.

Carlos Martínez has developed shows such as Books without Words, Silent Night, performed in ensemble with his best students, PianOmime, with the German pianist-composer, Johannes Nitsch, My Bible, as a homage to the best-selling book of all times and Human Rights, symbol of our hope, but also of our frustrations. To commemorate his 25th stage anniversary, Carlos Martínez presented his show, Time to Celebrate. In 2012, another jubilee year, he toured with Mirage, inspired by the discussion around climate change and water shortage. The show is also a homage to his craft, all mime is mirage, creating life from gesture. Since 2013 the virtuous pianist Shani Diluka (France) and Carlos Martinez have established an elegant dialogue between classical music and the more classical side of mime. The show is called: Klassisch! In 2019 the actor toured for the first time with the German singer-songwriter Jürgen Werth. Two poets, one with and the other without words, united their art forms into a single language that combines images and emotions through the songs of Werth and the silence of Martinez. On the occasion of his 40th stage anniversary (2022), he and his director Robert Long have put together a jubilee show, Vitamimo. The first part explores three travel stories without words. In the second part –without makeup– his life as an actor is expressed in performance mingled with anecdotes and experiences. The audience helps shape the evening by choosing the pieces. In this way, he presents a very personal evening to his followers throughout the years.

His programme Books without Words was the audience choice at the 2009 TeatroAgosto summer festival in Fundão, Portugal and Hand Made received the prize of honour at the 2004 edition of the Almada Theatre Festival, Portugal. In recognition of his work, the German foundation Bibel und Kultur, awarded Carlos Martínez its annual prize for 2002. Past winners of this prestigious award include singer, Peter Schreier and film director Krzysztof Kieslowski.

While Carlos Martínez continues to explore the intimate world of silence, he has never abandoned his first love, theatre. He has toured extensively in Europe with the Zahori theatre company presenting The Golden Rule/Learning by Doing – A Celebration of our Differences in an Open Europe. This innovative project involved drama in adult education and was sponsored by the Socrates Fund of the European Union.Carlos Martínez has participated in the formation of various theatre groups and has taught mime and theatre in public schools, at the University of Zaragoza and at numerous international art seminars. He runs elite mime workshops, tutors advanced students, gives Master classes, and presents interactive seminars at top level corporate events. During the 2021 pandemic lockdown, he took a Master’s level course at the University of Alicante (Spain) on body language, to study the scientific view of a topic that is familiar to him. He completed the course with a thesis on body language in theater. This enhanced knowledge gives an extra dimension to his seminars and workshops, from which the participants benefit.

He has published four DVDs, Books without Words, Hand Made, Still My Bible and Human Rights, two manuals on mime In Silence and Word of Mime and two hardcover books, From the Dressing Room and The Poet of Silence.

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