The Carlos Martínez DVDs: A souvenir and much more!

Spectators often buy a DVD as a way to take home some of the magic of the show that Carlos Martínez has just performed. But besides the favourite pieces and the extras, the DVD offers an entire range of possibilities for use in schools, learning circles, civic centres, churches and with NGOs.

  • As additional material to teach Human Rights
  • As a basis to discuss biblical topics in religion classes, confirmation or discipleship classes, youth groups …
  • As an interactive tool in language classes
  • As an introduction to the dramatic arts

All the DVDs have commentaries about the mime pieces narrated by the actor in various ways. The commentaries are subtitled in four languages.

The deaf greatly appreciate the art of mime and consequently Carlos Martínez has a loyal following among those who are at home with the language of gesture. This is one of the reasons that he takes great care to subtitle all the extras.

Please let us know about your experiences and how you get the most out of the DVDs. Here is an example from Christina in Switzerland:

“Since August I’ve been working as a teacher in an integration course for refugees. My job is to teach these young people basic German and socio-cultural skills. I showed my students mime pieces of Carlos Martínez, Bus Stop for example. Language without words. They were excited. Of course, I also did an exercise in German. They had to put into words the different actions of Carlos. ‘He is smoking, something smells bad, he is reading the newspaper, he is eating an apple.’ It’s a wonderful way to teach!” Christina Stauber, Switzerland

If you have any questions or ideas, we are happy to hear from you.