The Release Date for the newest Carlos Martínez Video, Still My Bible, is scheduled for August 2016

Among the Extras in the Still My Bible DVD there are a number of Video-Selfies sent from organizers of events with Carlos Martínez. Here is a brief sample of comments taken from these selfies:

I cannot get enough of Carlos Martínez and his art of mime. His work gives me much joy and I can say to everyone: watch this DVD.
Christoph Zehendner, Songwriter and Journalist, Germany

When you see Carlos Martínez performing biblical stories, you understand why this book is also titled “Good News”.
Christoph Schwager, Schwager-Theater, Switzerland

I see what I’ve only ever heard or read about. Suddenly the invisible becomes visible without a word being spoken.
Connie Main Duarte, Board Chair of Mission-Net, Portugal

"My Bible" reflects the artist's sensibility, his professionalism, his savoir faire and his tremendous art of communicating through silence.
María Bernal, Multidisciplinary Cultural Events, Spain